Friday, January 6, 2012

"E-Time" Success!

We sucessfully completed our first session of E-Time!  I think we were all a bit nervous, but things went smoothly.  After all, this was a first for each of us.

Our teachers did an excellent job of introducing the concept of "enrichment."  We frequently overheard words such as passion, discovery, interest, and choice.  Students were excited to "take the wheel" in their own learning.  

After the concept of enrichment was introduced and E-Time was defined more clearly, students had a chance to spend some time on activities that matched their interests.

Check out the video below for a quick "recap" of the morning!
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  1. eTime was great! The students were so excited and jumped right into the activities. All students were engaged and on-task. I loved how many of the kids took charge of their own learning.

    Jodie McConnell

  2. E-Time...where the E stands for energy! You should feel the energy in the the the teachers as we are gathering the the kiddos as they are already discovering that this gift of E-Time is all about them and what THEY want to explore, discover and learn! My fifth graders will be so excited and energized again when tomorrow I share with them how their interests and plans caused me to reach out to two teachers at our high schools! Robotics or Video Game design anyone?

  3. Once again, WOW! I am very impressed. The kids all look excited, energetic and engaged. I love the discussion of what "E-time" is with the discussion of interests, discoveries, explorations and talents. Way to go friends! YEAH!!!!