Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Austin Represents @ Learning Forward National Conference #learnfwd13

We're just back from the Learning Forward National Conference located down the road in Grapevine, TX!  Over the past few days, several Austin educators were able to attend various sessions on a wide variety of topics (Digital Learning, Supporting New Educators, "Teaching Like A Pirate," etc.).  It was an amazing learning opportunity made all the better by the fact that it was hosted in our own backyard.

It addition to attending the conference, 3 Austin educators also led a session on school transformation. Laurie O'Neill (Principal), Cooper Hilton (Assistant Principal), and Liz Malone (GT Facilitator) hosted a session on "Navigating The Winding Road of School Transformation."  Their objective was to provide a case study of the growth and transformation that Austin Elementary has undergone over the past few years.  They were able to share progress/celebrations/hurdles that they have experienced while continuing to transform.  Below is a "SMORE" outline of their presentation.  Haven't used SMORE?  It's a great tool for creating online newsletters, brochures, etc.  Several Austin educators have adopted it as a tool for communicating their class newsletters each week.

Don't hesitate to contact any of the presenters with questions about the Smore!  Also, feel free to leave questions in the comments section of this post.

Want to explore more of the learning from Learning Forward?  Search for #learnfwd13 or #austinlearns on Twitter, and join in the conversation!

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